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Promote Unity, Cooperation, & Your Company’s Message…Without Embarrassing or Bizarre Exercises

Are you looking for a fun activity for corporate team building? One your attendees will enjoy, thank you for, and benefit from weeks and months later?

Most importantly, do you want to give your team a fun, engaging program with active involvement? One with zero chance of bored team members falling asleep in front of a coma-inducing PowerPoint slide show?

Many so-called corporate team building programs do a poor job of involving your team with an engaging, fun premise. And they usually fail to focus on your company’s messages or branding.

What if there was a better way? 

Imagine this scene:

Your employees are participating in a team building activity at work. You hear them laughing and see them smiling. You see teams applauding each other and congratulating them for doing such a great job. After the event is over, the attendees approach you with eyes beaming. 

“That was so much fun!”

“That was the best team building game we’ve ever had!”

Your boss turns to you, smiles, and asks, “Where did you find this?”

It’s not a dream. Here’s the proof:

“Your fun activity reminded everyone of the benefits of team

work and was most appreciated. The activities were fun

and brought a smile to everyone’s face. This was

time well spent!”

  • GE Healthcare


What are the Best Corporate Team Building Activities?

Show Biz Team Building understands what makes for a superior company team building activity. We understand that your time is valuable. And we understand that team building activities have a bad reputation among company staff.

After years of helping companies just like yours, we have distilled the perfect team building activities down to the three attributes needed to be considered a success. These are:

  • The activity must be fun.

Companies across Canada have their own horror stories concerning corporate team building games that were boring, sleep-inducing, and a complete waste of time. Many of these events are simply “death by PowerPoint.”

Your company’s staff is just like any group. If they sit for too long, they’ll get bored. Any benefits from the presentations are lost. Without active involvement, even the most important messages will be lost in a cloud of brain fog.

  • The program must be all-inclusive.

Often, team building activities focus on physical exercise. This naturally puts those in your company who are older or aren’t normally physically active at a severe disadvantage. The result? You wind up with some employees singled out because they physically cannot participate.

Instead of building team unity, these activities leave certain team members feeling worse than before the activity began.

  • The activity must promote the company’s message.

Many so-called training programs focus solely on reducing stress levels and/or introducing team members to a new activity or exercise. But after many such activities, attendees often wonder, “What was the point of this?”

Effective corporate team building activities are fun but never lose sight of the company’s message. It’s about making work more effective. And that means creating an environment where employees work together like a well-oiled machine.

We get results:

“It was great to work together as a team for something out of

the ordinary. It was a fun way to bring us together as we continue

to navigate this new way of working and collaborating.”

  • 407 ETR Express Toll Route


 Introducing the Perfect Corporate Team Building Event for In-Person or Virtual Events

In-person team building activities are effective. So are virtual events. The pandemic undoubtedly sped up the adoption of virtual technology. Even as companies move toward more in-person events, virtual remains a viable way to connect with teams across the globe.

We at Show Biz Team Building understand the needs of corporations. Our premier corporate team building activity is “You’ve Got Talent.” It’s a fun competition where teams compete to put on a Las Vegas-style magic show.

What Past Clients Say…

This format lends itself perfectly to both in-person and virtual events. And our program lends itself to every personality type, including more reserved staff members. And because magic can be performed by any person without fear of strenuous physical requirements, it’s the perfect activity for your group.

Your team will love participating in “You’ve Got Talent.” Your boss and upper management will appreciate how this unique and fulfilling team bonding activity brings your staff together. 

Best of all, this program has a built-in way to reinforce your company’s message and keep the overall goal of the event squarely in its crosshairs easily and organically.

“This activity helped our new team members to get to know

each other and better understand their communication and

working styles. The fun and exciting format created an

enjoyable and productive session.”

  • UCB Pharma

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