Experience + Education = The Perfect Corporate Team Building Program Host

Anthony Lindan has been a corporate trainer for nearly 20 years. Some of his past clients include GE Healthcare, Shoppers Drug Mart, 407 ETR, UCB Pharma, and many more throughout his career.

Starting first as an entertainer and making the transition to team-building activity presenter allowed Anthony to fine-tune his platform skills. Rather than present a dry, boring lecture, Anthony’s experience and journey help him create a fun, professional, personable environment where team members are engaged and feel safe.

 Education & Experience in the Corporate Arena

Anthony earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. As he was always captivated by presenting in front of an audience, he continued his formal education by earning a Radio & TV Diploma at Seneca College in Toronto, ON. Anthony also worked as a news reader/anchor at a local GTA radio station. He also worked as a Director of Operations for a Toronto-based Media Consulting & Research company.

Throughout his education and working phases in the corporate arena, Anthony still wanted to be in front of audiences.

A Performer Evolves

Anthony finally decided to make the ‘big leap’ to full-time performing. After using magic to supplement his income and work his way through college and his various jobs, he became a full-time ‘close-up’ magician in 1997. 

A year later, Anthony developed a stand-up magic show he could perform for seated audiences. Performing in front of groups in a business setting became Anthony’s calling. Combining his love of performing with his experience in corporate work, Anthony found his life’s passion.

Entering the Corporate Training Space

Anthony spent the next 18 years honing his act by performing for hundreds of corporate clients across Canada. Sensing a need for corporate team building options that were interactive and engaging, Anthony developed his “Magic of Collaboration” program. This eventually led to the founding of Show Biz Team Building and the “You’ve Got Talent” program.

Family Roots & Personal Interests

In addition to his ongoing work as a corporate trainer, Anthony enjoys life with his wife and two children. He’s been married since 1992 and enjoys cycling and current events. Anthony and his wife are also Autism advocates.

Ready for the Next Step?

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