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Have you struggled to find corporate team building activities that didn’t cause your employees and staff to duck and run? 

We at Show Biz Team Building understand that not everyone wants to be the center of attention. The best activities for effective team building allow people of all types to participate without feeling embarrassed. 

Now your team can experience the thrill and fun of a television competition. All without everyone feeling the pressure of being in the limelight.

“You’ve Got Talent” is the Perfect Corporate Team Building Activity

Here’s what happens: Everyone participating is assigned to a team. Each team has what may seem like an impossible task. They have a tight deadline to rehearse and perform magic tricks that highlight your company’s core messages.

Once they’ve prepared, each team will perform their mini-magic act in front of a team of judges. The judges will be their co-workers! Each performance is judged on technical execution, entertainment value, and message quality.

Unlike many so-called corporate team building programs, “You’ve Got Talent” keeps its focus on your company and its messaging. And it’s the perfect format for all personality types.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

“We recently had Anthony Lindan deliver his ‘You’ve Got Talent’ team building activity to our senior management team. Our group of senior officers and professional staff leaders found the activity informative, engaging, and entertaining. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This amazing experience helped our team better communicate, cooperate, and collaborate together.” 

  • Niagara Regional Police Service


And they’re not the only one:


 Why This Team Building Activity Fits Every Personality Type

If you have seen Las Vegas-style magic shows, you know the wonder they inspire. But the team behind the performer onstage is just as impressive. They may not be in the limelight, but the backstage personnel are critical to the show’s success.

In “You’ve Got Talent,” each team will have one or more performers bring the magic tricks to life. But the words the performers say are just as important. So are the planning and decision-making leading up to the performance. Some members of the team will gravitate more toward the creative part of the exercise. Others will feel more comfortable overseeing and bringing the whole show together.

In short, not every team member needs to ‘perform,’ making “You’ve Got Talent” the perfect corporate team building activity for all personality types.

The 3 Core Skills Your Team Will Use During This Interactive  Experience

The beauty of “You’ve Got Talent” lies in its structure. The hallmark of this program is the 3 C’s: Communication, Collaboration, and Cooperation.

  • Communication: Every team needs effective communication. With the clock running, precise communication is paramount to completing the task.
  • Collaboration: It’s not just about the trick. It’s the presentation and delivery of the company message that matters most. Teams need to work together to effectively create an engaging, fun presentation.

  • Cooperation: The “You’ve Got Talent” presentation requires team members to work together. Everyone brings different perspectives and skills to the competition. Teams will need to trust each other to get to the finish line!

These benefits are built on the bedrock of presenting your company’s message entertainingly. That keeps the focus where it should be – on your company.

Perfect for In-Person or Virtual Team Building Events

Digital technology enables us to connect with people across the globe. The pandemic sped up the development and adoption of virtual communication tools. If your staff is scattered across the globe, “You’ve Got Talent” is the perfect team building solution.

Many magic tricks translate perfectly to the virtual environment. Your staff still splits off into teams. They still must work to a deadline to plan, develop and execute their own mini-magic shows.

The overall format of “You’ve Got Talent” remains the same. There are logistical differences, easily explained. Contact us today for details on the format that suits your company best.

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