Our “You’ve Got Talent” presentation is unique among corporate team building programs. To help make your decision and planning easier, below are answers to the most common questions.

Q: What is the key difference between “You’ve Got Talent” and other team building activities for the workplace?

A: One of the biggest challenges facing many event planners is the dreaded “death by PowerPoint.” Your staff is busy enough in their jobs without having to sit through another boring lecture-style presentation about what they’re doing wrong.

“You’ve Got Talent” provides a fun, exciting way for your team members to have an experience that showcases key skills valuable in the workplace. And along the way, your company’s message is spotlighted in the most positive way possible!

Q: Does everyone have to perform a magic trick?

A: No. The beauty of “You’ve Got Talent” is that it welcomes all personality types. Some staff members may be outgoing and love to be in the spotlight. Others may wish to remain ‘in the shadows.’ 

This program involves the planning, preparation, and execution of a “Las Vegas-style magic show” coupled with your company’s message. This affords ample opportunity for involvement by employees of all personality types. Some will assume a leadership role. Others will most enjoy the crafting of the presentation. And some will take great delight in presenting fun and engaging magic tricks.

Q: Who ‘hosts’ the “You’ve Got Talent” program?

A: Your host and facilitator is Corporate Trainer Anthony Lindan. Anthony brings his vast formal education and experience in the corporate realm to the “You’ve Got Talent” program. After performing fun and interactive shows for corporate groups across Canada, he developed his “Magic of Collaboration” team building activity in 2006. 

The “You’ve Got Talent” program emerged from Anthony’s understanding of what makes an effective team building activity…and what doesn’t. Anthony’s skills will ensure your group is engaged and having fun during the entire program. You can learn more about Anthony here.

 Q: What skills will team members use during the “You’ve Got Talent” program?

A: The three core skills used during “You’ve Got Talent” are communication, cooperation, and collaboration. Communication and cooperation are easy to pinpoint during a team-based contest such as this. But collaboration is just as crucial. 

Everyone in the group has a voice. Each person brings different skills and perspectives to the group. Learning to harness each person’s unique experiences in such a short time is what makes the program so fun and worthwhile.

Q: How difficult is the in-person version of “You’ve Got Talent” to host?

A: The logistics of hosting this program are very easy. The program’s host, Anthony Lindan, understands the multifaceted nature of team building events. “You’ve Got Talent” has been designed to be easy to host. No elaborate set up or technical requirements for the in-person version.

The actual set-up is 15-20 minutes. Anthony is often able to complete most of the set-up before whatever activity/presentation takes place before his presentation. He can then move everything quickly into place during the break just before “You’ve Got Talent” goes live.

The breakdown is just as easy. “You’ve Got Talent” is easily broken down and vacated from the presentation area in just ten minutes.

 Q: How difficult is the virtual version of “You’ve Got Talent” to host?

A: The virtual “You’ve Got Talent” experience is easy for your event planners. If your company has Zoom capabilities, you have everything you need. Anthony provides the materials to do the tricks along with everything your team members need to collaborate and put on their own magic shows.

To enhance the experience, Anthony even provides a fun ‘virtual stage’ for each team to present their amazing mini-magic shows.

Q: When does Anthony arrive?

A: No one likes a corporate guest speaker or presenter who comes rushing in at the last minute. Anthony is dedicated to providing you and your company with a stress-free and relaxed experience. To put your mind at ease, Anthony arrives between 60-90 minutes before the start of his presentation.

With the fluid nature of many corporate events, Anthony’s early arrival ensures your event planners have plenty of time to deal with any changes in your event’s itinerary that crop up during the day.

Q: What areas does Anthony travel to?

A: Anthony Lindan presents the “You’ve Got Talent” team building program most often to companies in the Greater Toronto Area as well as Southern Ontario. Anthony is also happy to present the program to any corporate group across Canada. Contact Anthony today to discuss your event in detail.

Q: What are Show Biz Team Building’s payment terms?

A: We require a 50% deposit upon contract signing to secure the date and time. For payment, we accept company cheques, credit cards, and e-transfers.

 Q: Can I get more information to share with my team?

A: Yes! Simply fill out the Contact Form below. You’ll receive detailed information about the “You’ve Got Talent” presentation. Anthony Lindan will also personally respond to provide you with fees for your area. Because Anthony is a national presenter, fees do vary based on area.

Just for responding, you will also receive our free report, “The #1 Problem Facing the Corporate Workplace Today…And 3 Ways to Solve It.”

You may also contact Anthony directly by calling (416) 606-3151 to discuss your specific needs. 


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