• Live & In-Person – ‘Magic of Collaboration’ Team Building Workshop

    Our ‘Magic of Collaboration’ workshop is a fun and exciting ‘live & in-person’ team building activity.

    Teams work together to learn magic tricks and perform a Las Vegas style Magic Show.

    Please watch our 1:35 introductory video.

    Everyone’s unique talent contributes to team success.

    A fun experience to help your team better communicate, co-operate  and collaborate.

    Non-physically challenging and gender neutral.

    We use the power of entertainment to help your team perform better on the business stage!

    An amazing combination of fun, laughter & Learning – Bell Canada 


    Anthony Lindan has combined his unique experience as a corporate trainer and entertainer to create a fun and engaging team building activity  – The Magic of Collaboration – that delivers valuable learning outcomes.

    Your team creates and performs a Las Vegas Style variety show. Each act is scored by a panel of celebrity judges and the highest score wins the grand prize. Although not a million dollar contract or the prestigious Mirror Ball trophy, the winners do get bragging rights in the office!

    It`s friendly competition where your team members are the STARS of the show! Everyone is a winner as participants experience the direct  benefits of collaborating to achieve results!

    How It Works:

    • Your group is divided into small teams and each team acts as an award winning Hollywood production team.
    • Each team works together to create and perform one act in a Las Vegas style variety show. (Don`t worry! Each team is given an easy to learn and even easier to perform magic trick. After about 15 minutes you`ll be ready to headline your own show on the Vegas strip.)
    • It’s show time! Each team takes the stage and performs their act.
    • It`s all about achieving results so after the thunderous applause a panel of faux celebrity judges, played by three of your people, score each performance. The team with the highest score wins the grand prize!

    About the judging… it’s a FUN competition that emphasizes the importance of working together to achieve results. Three of your people play the part of faux celebrity judges. The judge’s responses are equally as anticipated and entertaining as the performances! Don’t worry, we provide the costumes and character profile briefing sheets for each judge. The client determines how many prizes are to be awarded and supplies the prizes.


    The Magic of Collaboration team building activity is a complete turnkey program and we provide all required learning materials and props.

    It requires a simple room set up. We`ve delivered the program in board rooms, hotel meeting rooms, client function rooms and even out doors!  NO fancy lighting, décor or stage is required.

    The Serious Stuff

    Our variety show concept is an interactive, non-threatening and non-physically challenging medium. Everyone can participate and the activity draws on a diversity of skills and thrives on cross pollination and personal buy in.

    Teams can straddle departments, age, gender, job titles, seniority, skill sets and learning styles. Crossing silos allows your employees to truly appreciate and experience the diverse perspectives that contribute to your organization’s ultimate success.

    Each team is assigned a simple and easy to perform magic trick and given a progression of defined tasks that culminates in a performance on stage. Not everyone has to go on stage. Three quarters of the work is behind the scenes.

    Participants negotiate within the teams for roles that are in line with their natural strengths and talents. Working from a strong foundation promotes personal buy in of the entire collaborative process and strengthens the link between attitude, working together and achieving results.

    Teams have fun working hard and smart taking calculated risks in a truly collaborative experience. Empowered players build strong teams that create amazing results.

    The creative finger prints of each team player are integral ingredients in defining the ultimate success of the stage performance.