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Two Ways To Experience Our ‘You’ve Got Talent’ Activity

In person team building

virtual team building

The Magic Shows is recorded providing you a highlights reel so your team can watch their amazing performances again and again.

So What Is The ‘You’ve Got Talent’ Experience?

Our ‘You’ve Got Talent’ team building activity is a fun and exciting experience. Teams work together and are challenged with an impossible task – to create a winning magic performance in an ‘America’s Got Talent’ style of a talent competition.

Performances are scored by a panel of celebrity-like TV judges played by members of your team. The team with the most entertaining and informative performance is crowned the ‘Grand Magic Champion’ and is celebrated and honored by all teams.

While the prizes are modest, the winning team gets bragging rights for a full year.

Three rules that make our activity so impactful

Rule 1: The presentations have to be entertaining and informative.

Teams must use their performance to communicate the company’s message, product information, or vision.

Rule 2: Teams need to produce results quickly.

They have 45 minutes to learn their magic trick, develop their presentation and rehearse it before performing it in the Magic Show.

Rule 3: It’s a competition and teams will be judged on their results.

Each performance is judged on technical execution, entertainment value and message quality.

“I just want my team to plan something and then work together to execute it.”

Frustrated SVP before booking ‘You’ve Got Talent’

The Results Of The ‘You’ve Got Talent’ Activity

This activity is designed to help  your entire team experience the 3 C’s of Team Work – Communicate, Co-operate & Collaborate.

Imagine your team – from different departments and locations with different learning styles and personality types – all coming together to perform magic tricks just like on TV.

Imagine the excitement of learning the trick, tailoring the presentation to deliver a message relevant to the company and performing it to the rest of the team. The results are hilarious, surprising and miraculous!

On top of that, our ‘You’ve Got Talent’ team building activity helps your team achieve these three results:

Result 1

Team members interact and communicate more effectively by harnessing a positive open attitude

Result 2

Team members experience the direct link between working together and achieving results

Result 3

Team members unlock their creativity and innovation, even the shy ones that usually see team building as a choir

Besides contributing their own unique talents, participants also exercise the following skills:

  • PCreative Thinking
  • PProblem Solving
  • PCommunication and speaking up
  • PListening to each other
  • PPresentation
  • PEmotional Intelligence
  • PTime Management

There’s No Business Like ….

We use ‘show business’ secrets to help your team perform better on the business stage.


What Do You Really Need From Team Building?

These five needs are the reason we created our ‘You’ve Got Talent’ team building activity.



Power of Play



Three Reasons Why Our Team Building Activity Creates Such A Unique And Memorable Experience.

  • The WOW Factor: Our dynamic experiential format is specifically designed to foster engagement, participation, collaboration and enthusiasm.
  • The FUN Factor: Participants spend most of their time having fun working and laughing together. There’s no boring ‘death by PowerPoint.’
  • The PROFESSIONAL HOST Factor: Our team building activity is presented and facilitated by professional magician Anthony Lindan, who has performed at corporate and business events in every major convention city in North America.

There’s No Business Like ….

We use ‘show business’ secrets to help your team perform better on the business stage.

Three Options For Our In Person Activity

Package 1
  • Number of participants:
  • Suitable For:
    Smaller Teams
Package 2
  • Number of participants:
  • Suitable For:
    Bigger Teams
Package 3
  • Number of participants:
    4 groups of 10-50
  • Suitable For:
    Team Building Day

We Also Offer a Hybrid Team Building Solution

Our ‘hybrid’ solution combines the best aspects of in-person and virtual team building. Your team can be separated by geography – across the city, country or globe – and is divided into pods based on their common location. Each pod works together in-person to learn and rehearse their magic trick and then performs in the Magic Show virtually. To learn more about this option, contact Anthony Lindan.

About Anthony

Anthony Lindan – Team Building Trainer, Speaker & Corporate Magician.

Anthony combines his corporate training and entertainment expertise to present and facilitate the ‘You’ve Got Talent’ team building activity. Clients experience an amazing combination of fun, laughter and learning designed to engage, reward and motivate their remote working teams.

Anthony helps participants see first-hand that everyone’s finger prints are on team success and every person’s voice and contribution is important. Anthony has been providing live & in-person team building workshops since 2006.

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